Dr. Victoria Medvec has developed a range of unique, proprietary business tools designed to help corporate professionals enhance their negotiation and decision-making skills. These tools emphasize concepts introduced at Dr. Medvec’s workshops and presentations and are highly effective for self-directed learning.

Negotiation DVD

DVD — High-Stakes Negotiations:
10 Strategies for Maximizing Outcomes and Building Relationships

Learn how to negotiate a winning outcome while maintaining and building relationships with your clients!

During tough economic times are you fighting to preserve business?

Do you use the same negotiation technique and language in good times and bad?

This course will help you to address these challenges and maximize your success in negotiations, while building relationships with the other side.

virtual course

Virtual Course On Executive

Major performance-driven corporations have achieved successful results with this course, designed to teach executives how to optimize decision-making processes. Choose from two versions: One is a virtual course including interactive exercises; the other is a train-the-trainer tutorial. These components can be combined or used separately.

negotiation package


This powerful negotiation package (sold through Critical Insights) is designed to help executives plan and execute various types of negotiations successfully by employing Dr. Medvec’s proprietary strategies. The app helps executives put the right issues on the table, create a scoring system to quantify the issues and develop multiple offers.

Our deal was the largest upfront payment in the pharma industry. I’ve used Dr. Medvec’s tools and teachings to achieve that. Philippe Lopes-Fernandes Senior Vice President, Head of Global Licensing &
Business Development at Merck Serono, EMD Serono

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