Nationally recognized for her high-stakes negotiation and decision-making knowledge, Dr. Victoria Medvec offers a broad range of expertise in:

high-stakes negotiation

High-stakes Negotiation

Dr. Medvec has led pioneering research on how to negotiate winning outcomes while building and maintaining client relationships.

She advises clients on strategies with regard to significant transactions of almost every size and scope, including mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, licensing agreements, customer contracts, commercial real estate transactions and more. Her experience and breadth of knowledge in the field allows her to see patterns in negotiations and determine which strategies to employ to achieve the best results. Her guidance and instruction lead clients to superior and more profitable outcomes.

executive decision making

Executive Decision-Making

Dr. Medvec partners with CEOs and senior executives from many different types of companies to improve their decision making processes.

She is adept at addressing the four most common challenges of this process, which are spending too much time on low-risk decisions; unnecessarily elevating all types of decisions to high levels; failing to tap the expertise of those closest to the data; and being unwilling to take risks essential to yield innovation. Also, she helps executives structure processes to increase appropriate risk-taking and clarify roles and accountability around decisions. Her ability to draw on knowledge C-suite executives already have, and enhance it with astutely targeted strategies, saves time and yields significant results—often changing the ways decisions are made within an organization.

corporate governance

Corporate Governance

Dr. Medvec consults with boards to attain better performance in this area by improving their decision-making processes.

Boards of directors that operate at peak performance levels can lead their firms to greater returns on investment. She is often also engaged to speak on corporate governance, board decision-making and mitigating risk within organizations.

women in leadership roles

Women in Leadership

Dr. Medvec is passionately committed to moving women into C-suite positions and onto corporate boards of directors.

This was one of her motivations to co-found the Kellogg Center for Executive Women in 2002. She understands the challenges women face once they reach senior leadership roles. Her expertise on this makes her a highly sought after speaker on topics such as the importance of women negotiating effectively for themselves, building more strategic networks, being willing to take career risks and navigating the political environment in their firms. Additionally, through the Kellogg Center for Executive Women, she works to indentify female candidates and match them with potential board opportunities.

In less than 12 hours of coaching, Dr. Medvec saved me several millions of dollars. When I sold my company, she helped me get about $30 million more than I otherwise would have. Thomas Chance Chairman, ASV Global LLC

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