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As a high-stakes negotiation and decision expert, Dr. Victoria Medvec generates revenue and drives results for a range of companies, such as Google, General Electric, Pfizer, EY and BlackRock. Through her consultancy, speaking engagements, seminars and workshops, Dr. Medvec shares her areas of expertise—high-stakes negotiation, executive decision-making, corporate governance and women in leadership.

maximum negotiation results chart

Achieve maximum results in high-stakes negotiations, including mergers and acquisitions.

Dr. Medvec helps executives develop effective strategies for transactions of every size and scope, from partnership and licensing agreements to customer contracts and mergers and acquisitions. Thanks to her experience and acumen, she is able to recognize and analyze negotiation patterns, determine the most effective strategies for each situation, and guide senior leaders to achieve optimal results.

mitigate risk

Mitigate risk, exposure, costs and competitive threats.

Not all decisions carry the same weight or risks. Dr. Medvec shows executives how to avoid the most common decision-making mistakes, from spending too much time on low-risk decisions to making the most strategic choices when millions of dollars are at stake.

high-value decision making

Receive high takeaway value, long lasting effects and improve the speed and efficacy of decision-making.

Effective corporate governance is a requisite for an organization’s success. Companies with high-performing boards of directors achieve superior outcomes and greater returns on investment. Dr. Medvec helps boards improve decision-making processes and maximize results.

women in leadership roles

Build strategic networks, navigate career challenges and maximize leadership roles for women.

Women outpace men in educational achievement and hold over 50 percent of all professional jobs, yet are still severely underrepresented at all levels of senior leadership. Dr. Medvec, is not only a strong advocate for women in senior leadership roles, she helps them get there.

CBRE Global Investors considers Dr. Medvec to be a world-class expert in negotiation. Her work, one of the most important and profitable investments in the firm’s 40-year history, produced a 63 percent gross IRR and $222 million in profit for our investors. VANCE MADDOCKS President, CBRE Global Investors

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